Better than locks and keys

Locks and keys are an effective way of securing your building. But when keys are lost or stolen, changing locks and reissuing keys is an expensive and cumbersome process.

Keys also come with the additional security risk that they can be copied without the issuer’s knowledge. And it’s also common for buildings secured by lock and key to be left unlocked during the day to allow staff easy access.

Locks and keys just don’t offer enough protection against the possibility of opportunist theft and vandalism.

Monitor and control access

Electronic access control systems provide the most efficient and convenient way of securing your property and the assets within it.

The most common door entry systems are operated by fobs, swipe cards or tokens which allow access through electronically controlled doors. If a fob, swipe card or token is lost or stolen, it can be individually deactivated without affecting the rest of the system.

Other door entry systems available include simple keypad entry, where the keypad code can be updated on a regular basis to restrict access, and cutting edge biometric readers using fingerprint or iris technology.

Installing an access control system means you will never have to change a lock again.

Access Control Systems

Our access control range includes the following:

Beyond security

As well as protecting your property and assets, access control systems can assist in evacuation procedures where you are able to alert the police or fire brigade as to whether a building is empty of staff and visitors.

Is access control for you?

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