You’ve got their number

ANPR automatic number plate recognition) systems are able to locate, read and interpret number plates on any vehicle, logging the date, time and location of the vehicle when the logging occurs.

Already used by police, customs and the London congestion charging system, ANPR is becoming more common on large scale private premises with unrestricted vehicle access, such as airport and shopping centre car parks.

Integrated database

The system can be used for charging vehicle users for the time their vehicle is parked in a particular place or alerting security staff to known shoplifters and stolen vehicles recorded on an integrated database.

From standalone systems utilising a single computer and scanner at point of entry, to fully integrated systems spanning a large area, Camrascan Security can assist you in choosing the right ANPR solution for you, installing a brand new system or integrating it with an existing CCTV system.

Is ANPR for you?

An assessment of your security needs is just a phone call away. Contact Camrascan Security to find out if an ANPR security system is right for you.