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Security that makes financial sense

The banking sector operates some of the most advanced and secure systems available. Banks and building societies require fully integrated security solutions to ensure the safety of their staff, assets and premises.

Camrascan Security’s IP CCTV cameras offer the high levels of reliability and functionality that will ensure the safety of staff and assets. The system can be used to monitor all persons entering/exiting the premises as well as secure and staff-only areas.

As well as validating bank transactions, the monitoring of cash desks can ensure that collusion between staff and customers cannot take place, reducing fraudulent activity.

Our IP CCTV systems offer the superior image and audio quality necessary to ensure any evidence gained will be admissible in court.

Remote branch monitoring

IP security systems at each branch can be monitored at head office using remote access, allowing management and head office security staff to record footage and access live images.

Coupled with an IP camera network, Camrascan Security’s access control systems are an effective way to control access to staff-only areas of the bank as well as high security areas within those staff-only areas.

Case study

Find out more about the security solution we provided for N and P Building Society.