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Delivering a safe learning environment

Schools, colleges and universities no longer just have to worry about providing a good standard of education to students; they have to provide a safe environment for them too. And with abuse against teachers on the increase, it’s not just the pupils that need protecting.

Camrascan Security’s IP network cameras are a cost effective safety and security solution for any education establishment. The cameras can be positioned both inside and outside, covering areas such as entrances and exits, classrooms and lecture theatres, halls, common rooms and canteens.

As these systems are able to run on existing computer networks, minimal additional cabling is required.

Covert or visible

Cameras can either be placed discreetly around the school, college or university to allow for increased security without alarming students. Or they can be positioned in plain view to offer comfort to pupils and teachers in high risk areas as well as deterring bullies and vandals.

Remote viewing of camera images out-of-hours allows the property to be monitored even when no staff are on site.