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Hospitals and healthcare premises

Security solutions for hospitals and other healthcare premises need to monitor areas of high security risk to ensure the safety of both staff and patients.

The principle of staff and patient safety is the same regardless of whether the premises in question is a large NHS hospital, private independent hospital or local doctor or dentist surgery.

Patients and staff

Camrascan Security’s network video monitoring cameras are a cost effective solution to all staff and patient monitoring challenges. Cameras can be installed both inside and outside the premises, covering entrances and exits, walkways, corridors, waiting rooms and car parks.

The cameras also provide benefits for medical students who are able to access real time footage of surgeries without having to be present in the operating theatre – reducing the risk of spreading infections and allowing surgeons to work undisturbed.

Camrascan Security’s access control systems are an effective way to control access to intensive care units, medicine and equipment cabinets and staff-only areas of a hospital.

Case study

Find out more about the security solution we provided for the London Independent Hospital.