The future is IP

IP CCTV (internet protocol closed circuit television) is the future of CCTV.

CCTV is now widely recognised as one of the greatest contributors in detecting and deterring criminal activity. However, IP digital streaming enhances the system’s capabilities by enabling images from CCTV cameras to be viewed online.

We can integrate your CCTV system with your computer network so you can view images and control the cameras using a web browser – saving on the cabling works normally associated with traditional CCTV cameras. We can also advise you on your data protection responsibilities.

Network connections

As IP CCTV experts, Camrascan Security can install a security system which transmits images using an Ethernet network (LAN/WAN), an ADSL connection, a standard phone line (PSTN), digital phone line (ISDN) or even over the mobile telephone network (GSM).

Your CCTV images can be stored on a standalone network video recorder or on dedicated network storage. Images can be viewed on any PC – either on site or anywhere in the world, using remote viewing capabilities. Of course, our systems come with built-in access security determining who can view images, control the cameras and replay video footage.

Video analytics can increase the effectiveness of IP CCTV systems.

Beyond security

As well as protecting your property and assets, IP CCTV systems can be used to monitor staff and customers from a health and safety point of view. They can also be used for compliance and auditing purposes as a visual record of monies and assets.

Is IP CCTV for you?

An assessment of your security needs is just a phone call away. Contact Camrascan Security to find out if an IP CCTV security system is right for you.