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Venue security

Leisure venues – such as theme parks, sport and music stadiums, galleries and museums – require real time monitoring via a control centre. These venues require state-of-the-art integrated security systems to ensure the health and safety of visitors and also to protect valuable contents.

Fully integrated access control is key to ensuring only individuals with the correct credentials can access secure areas. Applications like these require each system to be correctly specified for both constant usage and high level usage. They also require a fast back-up response.

Hotels, gyms and sports clubs are increasingly required to offer 24-hour access to their premises. An access control system and the latest range of 360-degree cameras provide secure access and monitoring for member safety and security.

Real time monitoring

The obvious solution to real time monitoring is a Camrascan Security network of IP cameras, which can be fitted both internally and externally, and where activity can be viewed in real time by management or security staff either on site or at a remote location.

Real time video can also be streamed to an organisations website to increase awareness of the venue’s commercial offering.

Case studies

Find out more about the security solutions we provided for St John’s Museum and Orton Hall Hotel.