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Site monitoring

Manufacturing sites are busy places with numerous visitors and staff entering/exiting throughout the day. It is therefore essential to capture the identification of all persons using IP CCTV cameras and photo-electric sensors.

Swipe in/out readers can provide full data on the movements of both permanent and temporary staff. In high risk areas access control can be integrated with an internal dome camera to provide a snap shot of each person entering/exiting.

Health and safety

Increasingly, IP CCTV cameras are being employed to ensure staff follow documented health & safety procedures. The visual monitoring of manufacturing processes can not only highlight dangerous working practises but also alert management to production bottlenecks.

Comprehensive CCTV coverage also allows for the remote monitoring of forklift truck usage. Digital monitoring systems not only ensure health & safety procedures are followed, but can assist in the assessment of accident claims – reducing the number of fraudulent claims made against a company.

Thermal imaging

Dangerous chemicals can pose a significant risk to staff safety as well as resulting in production downtime in the event of a spill or fire. Thermal imaging cameras can be used to monitor barrels of chemicals to ensure they don’t become exothermic.

The same thermal imaging technology is increasingly being utilised on the perimeter of large sites, allowing security staff to see intruders from greater distances compared to traditional methods.

High value cages and stock loss

Internally and externally, 360-degree pan tilt and zoom (PTZ) cameras give complete detailed coverage of high value stock, combating internal theft such as storing stock in other parts of the building and obtaining them at a later date.

Virtual cages can be set up through the use of motion detection cameras. A virtual cage is set to specified perimeters within a premises, covering high value stock or unauthorised locations. These cameras alert security staff to any breach of the virtual cage or activity not permitted in certain hours.