Who gets in and out?

Security is far more than just monitoring visitors to your premises – many crimes can be averted by security-based prevention methods which stop potential criminals from accessing your property and assets in the first place.

Camrascan Security provides a wide range of turnstiles and barrier systems so you can control the people and vehicles entering your site.

Selective access

Turnstiles and vehicle barriers can be controlled from a security office or reception. Vehicle barriers can also be controlled by the driver using a variety of methods, such as proximity fobs, swipe cards, coded keypads and radio transmitters.

On a gated property, a CCTV-linked intercom system allows images of visitors to be captured as they request entry to the premises. Gates can also be accessed by fobs, swipe cards and coded keypads.

A rising kerb road blocker is an effective solution to control unwanted vehicle access and is ideal for manned and unmanned vehicle parks and high security premises.

High risk monitoring

High risk premises such as airports, chemical plants, power plants and terrorist targets need to monitor perimeter security 24 hours a day, irrespective of weather conditions.

Thermal imaging cameras can not only determine activity on or around the perimeter, but through imaging analytics, they can also determine the nature of the intruder. And video analytics can increase the effectiveness of perimeter security systems.

Is perimeter security for you?

An assessment of your security needs is just a phone call away. Contact Camrascan Security to find out if a perimeter security system is right for you.