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Security in an instant

Camrascan Security provides ongoing support for existing equipment and new systems for a number shopping centres and malls across the UK. In the current climate shopping centres are often on a heightened state of alert – actively following threat levels issued by the government.

Shopping centres require very comprehensive control room operations with fully integrated systems linking to access control systems and manned security systems.

Two-way audio communication radios can be integrated with location sensors to determine the location of manned guards. In the event of any emergencies, IP cameras can automatically locate them, saving many valuable seconds.

Restricting access

Access control systems are required in retail premises to restrict entry to secure areas such as offices, storerooms and back doors to authorised people only. These systems can be tailored to meet exact access requirements, allowing access for different people at different times or limiting access to specific days or time periods.

Access control systems also generate valuable staff management information, which can assist with staff efficiency issues.

Visitor traffic

Recent advancements in video analytics can be used both by shopping centres and retailers to determine significant information regarding visitor traffic and visitor traffic patterns – allowing for the assessment of which areas are popular/unpopular with shoppers.

Visitor traffic can be used to determine lease rates on properties within a shopping centre and can also enable retailers to redesign their displays more effectively in order to increase sales.

Case study

Find out more about the security solution we provided for The Grafton Centre.