Carriers (keys)

Carriers (keys)

SALTO carriers are available in a broad variety of versions to suit the majority of user’s needs. Whatever carrier you decide to use will work effortlessly and include Contactless Proximity and i-Button technologies. All carriers are easy to use, and are compatible with the SALTO Virtual Network:

Main features and benefits:

  • Cards meet ISO Standards.
  • Battery free carriers.
  • Customable.
  • Water proof.
  • Ease of use for people with disabilities.
  • Ability to use the SALTO Virtual Net (SVN).
  • Secure, copyproof data carrier for high security.
  • Strong, ergonomic design for long life.
  • High resistance to variations in weather conditions.
  • Comfortable to use - can be carried on a key ring alongside "traditional keys" (in case of fobs).
  • Multiaplication capabilities*.


Identification MediaIdentification media

SALTO carriers are available in a wide range of versions to suit individual user’s needs. Whatever carrier you choose, all work effortlessly and include Contact Smart Card, Contactless Proximity and iButton technologies.