Thermal Detection

The Camrascan HOTSPOT fire detection system is designed to provide thermal detection in environments where there is the constant risk of fire.

HOTSPOT utilises the latest in thermal camera technology to detect temperature changes of less than 1°C. This early warning system can detect potentially life threatening occurrences prior to traditional warning devices.

In any potential environment from paper yards, recycling centres to rubber shredding facilities the “HOTSPOT” system can be in-valuable.

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The HOTSPOT is an IP65  rated unit with up to 360o coverage. The unit can continual rotate looking for thermal events.

Optionally the unit can feature a wiper to keep the window clean. High temperature housings and ATEX variants are available.


To ensure that the maximum physical area is covered by HOTSPOT the cameras are commonly programmed to perform continual 360o tours or look at key areas.

Upon a thermal event a visual warning, audible alarm, email or text message can be sent.

Following the thermal event the operator can manually over-ride the system and validate the occurrence of a thermal event.


The HOTSPOT features Ethernet connectivity as standard. A wireless option is available if the HOTSPOT requires locating in an area that is financially unviable to run Cat5e/6 or fibre.


HOTSPOT provides excellent images with a 320 x 240 pixels resolution from the detector.

The use of MPEG-4 allows you to view live images at up to 30 Hz with an image resolution of 640 x 480. All communication to and from the camera is via an Ethernet connection.


With 6 automatic alarms on any selected measurement function HOTSPOT can meet you requirements. 


Multiple lens options ensure that the highest level of coverage is possible for each application.

Is thermal imaging for you?

An assessment of your security needs is just a phone call away. Contact Camrascan Security to find out if thermal heat detection could help safeguard your business.