Be in full control

Turnstile and barrier systems are usually associated with perimeter security, but they can be used throughout a site or premises and can be fully integrated into an access control system, giving you full control of the movement of staff and visitors across your site.

Certain export laws require tight controls on staff/visitor movement around sites to ensure products due for export are not tampered with. Controlling movement around your site can also reduce shrinkage as staff/visitors are unable to leave a site or premises without detection and outside specified times.

Restricting access

turnstilesTurnstiles and barriers can be controlled from a security office/reception or through proximity fobs, swipe cards, coded keypads and radio transmitters.

Turnstiles and barriers can also be integrated into a CCTV-linked intercom system which can capture images of anyone requesting to gain entry to the premises. Not only does this restrict access to unauthorised visitors, but it can ensure access cards are not passed between temporary workers.

We can supply and install all types of turnstiles and barriers, ranging from half-height turnstiles to vehicle gates and barriers.

Integrated security

barriersCamrascan Security specialises in the integration of security systems. Working with industry leaders in security system manufacturing, we can design and install both perimeter and site access security, integrating time and attendance systems into your access control system.

Are turnstiles and barriers for you?

An assessment of your security needs is just a phone call away. Contact Camrascan Security to find out if turnstiles and barriers could complement your existing security system.