IP CCTV, but better

Although IP CCTV is recognised as being at the forefront of detecting and deterring criminal activity, the practicalities associated with accessing images can be time consuming and cumbersome. A standard IP CCTV system also requires large digital storage capacity as the system records images 24/7.

Video analytics technology uses computer software to filter images and automatically identify things of interest and record them – allowing access to potential security breaches without constant monitoring of the system.

Visitor traffic

Video analytics is used by premises which allow access to large numbers of people, such as shopping centres and airports. Video analytics uses intelligent software that can count the numbers of people entering/exiting a premises, as well as providing visitor traffic pattern information.

Advanced video analytics systems can track people individually to see their movements and systems can also be used to monitor the length of till queues.

Perimeter security

Video analytics complements perimeter security systems on high risk sites, activating image recording when the perimeter is violated. Video analytics software can determine the differences between humans and animals and, in conjunction with thermal imaging, can provide a very robust all weather solution.